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The Small Business Company was born to support Small Business Owners like yourself. We're not just another Business Coach or Marketing agency, we're your business partner!

Most Small Business Owners are great at what they have trained to do (hairdresser great at cutting hair, electrician great at wiring a home, etc). But it's all the "other" tasks (like hiring employees, doing bookkeeping, marketing, sales, pricing, paying GST and Tax, collecting debts, etc) that can cause all the stress.

We understand as a Small Business Owner you wear a lot of different hats everyday (sales person, marketer, director, debt collector, HR, etc)! A Normal day includes trying to do many tasks all at once and it can be very stressful and lonely at times! Continuing to do too many things at once, may result in running yourself in to the ground and your business failing.

Running a Small Business is tough and you will make mistakes and learn lessons along the journey. But what a lot of Small Business Owners don’t realise is you don’t have to do it alone! If you let us, The Small Business Company can help navigate you through the daily challenges and guide you down the right path to running a successful business.
Ask any successful business owner whether they had help along their journey? Good help comes from different professions: bookkeepers, accountants, business coaches, marketers, web developers. But unfortunately you’ll find that 99% of Small Business Owners don’t engage good Business Advisors (especially in the early stages)! 
At The Small Business Company we have experience in all areas of operating your own business and we continue to invest in ourselves. The world of operating a Small business is contantly evolving and we need to keep up.  We have been able to help so many Small Business Owners like yourself because we don’t try and do it all ourselves! We share our knowledge and use our network of trusted business partners which we have developed over many years!
If you are interested to find out how we can help, send us a message through facebook or the contact page on our website. We look forward to chatting with you real soon!

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