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With the vision of sharing our knowledge and experience from operating our own Business and working with many business owners over the years. The Small Business Company was born in 2017.

We work with Small Business owners to help them achieve success in their business. Just like building a house, it all starts with ensuring you have strong foundations before you try to grow too fast!

Every business is unique in that they are at different stages of their life, owners have different reasons for being in business and therefore different goals they want to achieve! We tailor our services to the individual needs of each business and it's owner!

See below some examples of the tailored services we have provided:



Dog Groomer

Technology Implementation & Digital Presence 


When we met with Brad, he was still in his first 12 months of business and had no real systems in place! Appointments were written in a wall calendar, notes were on pieces of paper or in his head, SMS reminders were done manually each night. 

The first thing we implemented was an electronic booking system. For less than $1/day we instantly saved him hours every week on administrative tasks like sending out reminders as it was now automated. 

We have since developed a website with online booking, started promoting his business through various online channels as well as physcial local marketing avenues and grown his business by over 30% in just 6 months.

With the website and booking system, we now have access to reports almost instantaneously. Which has allowed us to make more educated decisions with the business in a timely manner. In Brads own words we've "changed his business completely" and now have "strong foundations for my business to grow".

Holiday Home Management

Business Mentoring & Support


We first met Lisa at a business development course in Sydney. She is very switched on business lady and already had a successful business, but wanted to take it to the next level with better online marketing. 

Our tailored service for Lisa has been more around being a business advisor. We provide consultative advice on areas of the business she had prioritised in her business. Also regular phone calls each week to keep her accountable and on track for the tasks we had set out to achieve that week.

In regards to improving their digital presence, we have been able to increase monthly website traffic by over 300% in less than 6 months, which has naturally resulted in increased bookings for her property owners.

In Lisa's words the most invaluable takeaway from our services is "Ryan's ability to explain tecnical jargon into a language I can understand".

Fruit & Vegetable Shop

Social Media Strategy / Management


Eddie and his sister run a small retail fruit and veg shop along with wholesale deliveries. They have taken over the business from their grandfather who has operated the shop in the same location for over 50 years. 

For this business it has been about setting up their foundations for their digital presence. Beginning with Social Media we have set up both a Facebook and Instagram page, as well as developed a system for ensuring content is scheduled on their pages multiple times a week.

In less than 2 months, leading into what is generally the quietest time of year they have observed the following improvements:

1. New and Younger clientele have been entering their shop

2. Number of Daily transactions at start of winter has increased to what we expect in Summer

3. Social Media Page fans and engagement has been increasing


We have given this small family owned business a new lease on life. In Eddys words "I love when Ryan comes to visit, I always feel motivated to do mroe with my business!"

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